Alba Chocolate - Deliciously Ethical
Al·ba /ˈælbə/ n.
1. The Scottish Gaelic name for Scotland; our home
2. Alba madonna The white truffle which grows in Northern Italy
3. A love poem or song about lovers regretfully parting after an evening together

Our Story

Their comments were the same: ‘you have to sell these!’

Photo of Gemma piping truffle centres

Our handmade chocolates are special. They’ve been lovingly crafted by Gemma to make you feel good three times.

Once in your mouth.

Twice by knowing your money is making a difference. The growers of our cocoa and other Fairtrade ingredients get a fair price for their goods and money for community projects.

And the third time? We’ve committed to give at least 1% of our income, before profit, to the John Muir Trust. The John Muir Trust helps preserve and protect Scotland’s wild places.

Our story begins with a birthday present. Mehmet got Gemma a book and from that Gemma learned the art of the chocolatier. She also learned that she has a natural talent for chocolate and combining flavours.

Whenever our friends and family tried Gemma’s chocolates, their comments were the same: ‘you have to sell these!’ After years of hearing this, we eventually thought why not? So here we are; we know you’ll love the flavours.

Will you be part of our story? If you like what we do, why not tell us and your friends on Facebook or Twitter? If you have suggestions or ideas we’d love to hear them.

Gemma Karatay
Head Chocolatier

Photo of Gemma

I spend lots of time playing with chocolate and seeing what I can create. When I'm not in the kitchen, I enjoy being outside in the hills.

Mehmet Karatay
Head of Operations

Photo of Mehmet

I look after the smooth running of the business. In my spare time you'll find me up a crag somewhere or helping others improve their navigation.

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